10/15/20 – Welcome to new postdoc Danielle and rotation student Anna!

8/21/20 – Congratulations to Heyde and Harshad on publication of their review on viral co-infections!

8/10/20 – Welcome to new MSTP student Gowri Kalugotla!

7/1/20 – Welcome to new postdoc Somya and to new senior research technician Lynne!

4/20/20 – Congratulations to Bria on joining the Molecular Micro graduate program at Wash U!

4/6/20 – Our collaborative PLoS Pathogens paper with the Wilen lab is now out!

2/20/20 – Welcome to new graduate student Heyde Makimaa!

12/3/19 – Welcome to new technician Nicki and new staff scientist Yuhao!

11/25/19 – Our collaborative Nature Micro paper with the Karst lab is now out!

11/8/19 – Bria and Meagan both presented great work at the Micro/Immuno joint retreat!

10/15/19 – Welcome to rotation student Casey!

9/12/19 – Congratulations to Forrest and Elizabeth on successfully proposing their theses!

9/9/19 – Congratulations to Andrew for his appointment to the Training in Immunology training grant!!

9/5/19 – Ebrahim’s review on norovirus pathogenesis is now out at Mucosal Immunology!

8/29/19 – Stefan and Elizabeth’s paper on mice lacking IFN-lambda cytokines has come out in Journal of Virology!

8/26/19 – Welcome to rotating students Ben and Jonny as well as new undergraduate student Arko!

7/1/19 – Welcome to new postdoc Andrew Kim!

6/25/19 – Dylan’s phage review is now out!

6/17/19 – Welcome to rotating graduate students Gowri and Heyde and to summer undergraduate student Mike!!

4/12/19 – Larissa and Marissa presented their undergraduate research projects at the Wash U Undergraduate Research Symposium – great work!

4/1/19 – Harshad and Sanghyun’s paper has just come out at Nature Microbiology! Read our “Behind the Paper” about this story!

3/15/19 – Welcome to new postdoc Ebrahim Hassan!

2/18/19 – An enthusiastic welcome to Sanghyun Lee, Qun Lu, Hongju Deng, Bria Dunlap and Ryan Hill who have come to join the Baldridge Lab!

2/12/19 – Congrats to Dylan for successfully passing his qualifying exam!

12/15/18 – Congratulations to Elizabeth and Forrest for passing their qualifying exams – awesome work!

11/29/18 – Our collaborative study looking at gamma-herpesvirus effects in STING knock-in mice with the Miner lab is now published in Journal of Virology – congratulations Harshad!

11/7/18 – We are delighted to have received R01 funding to study regulation of hematopoiesis by the microbiota in collaboration with the King lab at Baylor!

10/31/18 – Elizabeth Kennedy’s extremely useful Frontiers in Physiology review comparing germ-free and antibiotics-treated mice is now out!

10/4/18 – We have a lovely new crest to represent the lab! Thanks Dylan!!

9/21/18 – Our new Journal of Virology paper about HOIL1 regulation of interferon induction is out!

9/6/18 – Meagan Sullender’s PLOS Pathogens Pearl about norovirus and the microbiota is now live!

9/1/18 – Forrest Walker has been appointed to the Cellular and Molecular Biology training grant – hooray!

8/21/18 – Congratulations to Meagan Sullender for passing her qualifying exam!

8/21/18 – We are very excited to have been selected for a second year of funding through the Kenneth Rainin Foundation!

8/14/18 – Congrats to Dylan Lawrence for his appointment to the GATP training grant!

6/21/18 – The lab has grown! Here is a new group photo!

6/11/18 – Graduate student Forrest Walker is joining our lab – welcome, Forrest!!

4/7/18 – We are also delighted to welcome graduate student Elizabeth Kennedy to the lab, and congratulate her for her NSF fellowship!

3/19/18 – We are delighted to welcome graduate students Dylan Lawrence and Meagan Sullender to the lab!

2/1/18 – Congratulations to Harshad on being awarded a fellowship through the Children’s Discovery Institute!

1/22/18 – Congratulations to Harshad and Stefan for the publication of their review in Viruses on type I and III IFNs!

9/27/17 – Our new Cell Host & Microbe paper is out online!